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I believe that through the relationship and work between client and therapist, behaviors can be adjusted, relationships can be mended, unhealthy coping skills can be identified and reworked, and healthy change can occur.

I create a safe, comfortable therapeutic environment where individuals can succeed in making positive growth in their lives.

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Priprav pre svojich kamarátov jedlo v kuchyni, potom sa pomaznaj na pohovke pri ohni so šteňaťom husky a porozprávajte sa o tom, koľko zábavy ste si počas dňa užili.Transitions can impact your happiness and comfort with others as well as change your understanding of yourself.I invite you to use our relationship, created in therapy, and journey with me toward understanding and change.Whatever your reason for seeking help, therapy can be a safe place to start.

My approach to psychotherapy is integrative, combining the best tools from psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapies.Potom hurá nahor do postieľok, pekne sa vyspať a pripraviť sa na ďalší deň plný zábavy na snehu.